Friday, May 1, 2009

Business Analysis - Recession proof?

As a Business Analyst in Software Development, I was really happy when I saw the article below from, although any job is risky, I guess I can hold on to this hope for now. LOL.
According to, the Top Careers that are recession-proof are the following:

1. Sales Representative
Why? Bringing in new customers and business opportunities is essential to keeping any business alive.

2. Software design and development
They write the software programs we use at home and in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labour predicts that this professional will continue to grow at a rapid pace through 2016.

3. Nursing
With today's medical advancements and an aging population, health care workers will continue to be in demand.

4. Accounting Executive
As the name suggests, they manage the accounting staff -- who are increasingly important when budgets tighten up.

5. Accounting Staff
This profession continues to grow thanks to tougher accounting and auditing regulations (like Sarbanes Oxley). They're also the go-to people when organizations are looking for ways to cut back.

6. Networking and Systems Administration
They look after the technology side of the business, everything from company websites to networks and emails.

7. Administrative Assistant
It's the high turnover rate that makes this an in-demand position, according toForbes. Administrative assistants may be worth their weight in gold, but many struggle to live on the average salary rate for this role.

8. Business Analysis (Software Development)
There's a wide variety of software out there that can help businesses run more efficiently. These analysts figure out what's best for a company as well as deploy the applications and train staff how to use them.

9. Business Analysis (Research)
What should software accomplish? It's up to these professionals to figure out how applications can suit the needs of users.

10. Finance Staff
As with accounting jobs, the money is tight so people who know how to effectively handle it are in demand.

I hope your job is secure!!! Have a great weekend!

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