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The Art of One Bag Travel

Since there will be a possibility of a trip for me and my family in the next month or so. I will be posting some travelling tips on the next few blogs. I am not an expert traveller nor I have travelled the world, but I have been to 10% of the world apparently which is not really that much in my opinion. KB
Kimora Lee-Simmons with her Louis Vuitton Luggage Collection.

While most images of going on vacation involve a trio of wheeled suitcases, there are people out there who travel with less: they pack all they’ll need into one, typically carry-on sized bag.Imagine cutting down on lost luggage, theft and, well, baggage! While travelling with one bag isn’t for everyone and it’s not for every trip, I dare you to try it out once.
The most common complaint I hear from friends who’ve travelled is that every time they bring too much stuff, they suffer the consequences: sore backs, bags bursting at the seams and endless headaches trying to navigate their trio along European cobblestoned streets or paying a premium for a second (or third) bag at the airport.’s “go-light guru” points out five clear benefits to leaving your suitcases at home and living out of one bag: security, economy, mobility, serenity and increased ecology.
Security: You’ll always have an eye on your stuff (passport, wallet, favourite pair of pants) when you’ve got one bag to keep track of! It’s an awful lot easier to ensure that your belongings don’t go missing when you’re not spread out too thinly. To top it off, carry-ons don’t get lost by the airline!
Economy: Save money at the airport, save money when you hop on a bus and save on cash with porters and baggage check clerks. You can also save money on luggage.
Mobility: Obviously someone with one bag moves faster and more efficiently than someone with three.
Serenity: Peace of mind can go a long way to making your trip. On my first European adventure, I did the three-wheeled bags adventure and by the end, I was hoping one (or two) of my bags would get lost!

Ecology: It’s a matter of less. “Less stuff to manufacture. Less use of vehicles and other machinery to move things (including you) around. Less fuel needed for the vehicles that do move you. Less greenhouse gas production. Less damage.

The Right Bag + The Right Stuff = Happy Travel

Isn't this bag to die for? This is a Louis Vuitton Monogram Special Order Duffle Bag with wheels. I can definitely put all my stuff in there!!!

Finding the right bag is key. Look for quality construction that adheres to airline specifications of a carry-on bag. Look for something that falls within the measurements 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm and that is lightweight.

While I’ve never had my carry-on weighed, you will be asked to check your bag if it’s drastically overweight.How things are organized inside the bag is also an important thing to consider before buying. Look for something with pockets for organizing your belongings, but also look for a bag that uses space effectively.

Is there a compartment for a spare pair of shoes? Do you think that the main compartment is sized appropriately for a few outfits? For your laptop? Is everything easy to access? Once you’re happy with the bag’s design, it’s time to decide on a wardrobe.Selecting several coordinating pieces will build a better wardrobe than throwing in your three favourite outfits. Think mix and match to maximize your options.

Travel worthy pieces featuring synthetic, quick-dry fabrics will have your laundry (yes, you’ll likely have to do laundry) dry by morning. Invest in a pair or two of expensive ‘travel underwear’ for space saving, quick drying undergarments.

The Method In a Nut Shell

My favourite one-bag tip is about packing for every eventuality: don’t do it! What if you are invited to dinner with the Queen? In the words of onebag’s travel expert, “the universal answer to any of the (mostly unlikely) situations presented by this kind of ‘What if ...?’ scenario.

Simply ask yourself what the local populace would do if they needed whatever item(s) you're missing!” Buy it, rent it or borrow it!It’s not about thinking of every possibility, it’s about packing what you will need and knowing how to go about finding what you might need, when the situation arises.

After all, no one is going to trek around the world with his or her very best suit or dress just because they could possibly, maybe, in some alternate universe, be invited to dine with the Queen!If you think I forgot about all the things we pick up while on vacation, you can always mail them home instead of dragging them around with you.

They’ll likely be in better shape returning home via post than they will be if you tried to cram them into your pack!

one bag for success

All you have to do is try the one-bag method and there’s little chance that you’ll ever go back to hauling the kitchen sink across the world.

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