Thursday, August 21, 2008

My new part time job - in retail

Weeks ago, I had ask a very good friend of mine to hand in my resume at her part time job at the mall. I wanted to make extra money for paying bills and maybe earn enough to go on another vacation.

I went through the interview process and all that formality, but the end of course I was guaranteed the job. Last night was my first night working there, well mainly it was training and orientation.

So I was shown how to fold the clothes, make sure the hangers are all showing the store name, greet customers and sell and etc.

Mind you I am not great at selling anything, but I did very well last night, I sold a blouse, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, and 2 men's shirts within 3 hours! I rocked for my first night!

Although everything was great, I had some not so positive feedback about the whole thing. I mean, every single job, has it's own pros and cons, but then again maybe it also depends on the people as well.

Firstly, let's talk about the other employees that were working their last night. They all seem to be nice and all, but it seems like underneath all that smile, there is that smug attitude wanting to creep out. I didn't feel welcome by these employees, I am not sure why, they seemed to be intimidated by me, but whatever, that is not my problem.

Secondly, I was assign to fold the women's sweaters, which was fine, but they don't seem to have a process or a specific way of folding them. The district manager of the store was there and she sort of came up with a way to fold them and I just basically copied how she did it which was fine.

The only problem is that based on the way she showed me, after all the shirts were done, they weren't align or have the same shape due to different sizes. I got frustrated, I asked one of the employees if they have at least a board or a pattern to mold these damn clothes, she said no - and continue telling me that it's ok that they are not align, as long as they look neat. Ok, well to me it wasn't neat, and it was a mess! So today, I am bringing my own board/pattern.

Thirdly, I didn't like the fact that a couple of people seem to treat me like a teenager lost in her first part time job. Ok, I have worked in Customer Service for the past 10 years, I think I can manage to say hello and assist clients. I was told by the manager what is expected and what I need to do and I have been doing them, but other employees seem to think they are my manager as well. Get lost and do your own job!

Fourthly, I think some employees there just lacks of common sense or it could have been just laziness. After we closed the store, the manager told us that we have to clean and tidy up before we leave, which was fine. So I swept the floor and tidied up the clothes on one of the tables.

When I was done, I didn't know what else to do as everything seems to be almost done. I noticed that the change room area which had carpeting was really dirty so I looked for a vacuum in the storage area and voila, I found one. So as I was setting up the vacuum, one of the employees came up to me and said "Did the manager asked us to vacuum?" and I am like "No, but the carpet is dirty, so we have to clean it" and she goes "oh ok".

This is what I am talking about, just because the manager didn't ask, that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be done. Either, this specific employee lacks some common sense or she is just lazy. Yes I understand that you are there to sell and help clients, but you are also there by the hour. If you're hour is not done and you're just standing around, look for something else to do.

Fifthly, everyone seem to just complain about a lot of things. How the district manager wants this and that and that the other employees aren't doing their jobs and etc.
Ok, maybe I will be like that too eventually, but really I don't see myself doing that. Sure I will complain, but I think I will do it in private, not while everyone is there. Geez, discretion people. If you don't want this job, go find another job somewhere else and stop complaining!

Ok, I am done venting I think, so let's go on with our lives shall we?

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Chloe Tejada said...

I hope it gets better Karinna! Just think about it this way: you can get a new bag with the money!