Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Yesterday, we went and saw the new Batman movie; The Dark Knight. With all the hype about Heath Ledger's performance as the demented Joker, I just had to see it. So we went to the theater about an hour early, as we knew it would be busy and we wanted good seats. After we paid, I lined in front of auditorium and Robin got us popcorn and drinks.

After 15 minutes of waiting in line, they finally let us go inside the theater. We got great seats! Third row down from the top, middle 2 seats. Excellent!

The movie was definitely the best movie I have ever seen in 2008 and all of the other Batman movies. From beginning to end, I wasn't bored at all. I didn't find any scenes that were useless, everything tied in together.

There were a few scenes that definitely caught me off guard, but I have my 2 favorites:

1. When the Joker was talking to the Mobs and he had to show them how to make a pencil disappear - ok, I won't say what happen since the movie just came out and I don't want to spoil it for anybody.

2. Remember when the Mayor was looking outside the window and a guy in a Batman Suit with painted Joker Face hit the window? Well ok, I was the only one in the theater that screamed!!! Yes I did! It's sad I was like "Ahhhhhhhhhh", I heard people laughed at me - so I had to apologize for being loud. He he he

So anyway, I love, love, love the movie - Not because of Christian Bale, but I mean sure he is Batman and he is hot and all that with a bag of chips, but really it's really about the story and how they captured the joker very well. I also applaud Aaron Eckhart, he did great as well. Except that they killed him too fast when he became two face.

The gadgets and the suit were awesome! They look really high tech, but at the same time the Bat could still get hurt - which basically reminds us that he is a man.

I love the motorbike! It's so sleek, even though it had 2 huge tires. Although Christian Bale looked a little uncomfortable seating on it.

There were tons of Scenes with the Joker that were really creepy, when he is talking and suddenly his voice changes, it sends chills down my spine; oh also when he was telling the story about how he got his scars, the one about his father.

All in all, it's a great movie - we'll probably own it once it comes out on DVD and I will give this a 9/10 score. It actually beat Spider 3 on the first opening weekend! Check the story on the link below.

Batman breaks Spider-Man record at box office

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