Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does pregnancy look a little too cool lately?

As a mother who gave birth to a son a couple of years ago, I know and I do understand how it is to be pregnant and have a baby. I had my baby in my mid-twenties, not in my teens so I can't tell you how a teenage mom feels about being pregnant or having a child at such a young age.

In America, teen pregnancy is on the rise and experts think that this has something to do with young celebrity moms cradling their new borns on the cover of a fashion magazine. On the cover, mommy is wearing skinny jeans with Manolo stilettos and in one arm the baby and the other arm an LV bag and a starbucks coffee on hand. Looks so cool and easy eh?

Well, let me tell you this - sure it's easy, you can fit into your skinny jeans 2 days after you pop that baby out. Since your baby is cute and cuddly, you can use him/her as your accessory! When you get tired, just pass the baby to one of your nannies who's been following behind since you left your mansion. Oh, you can also ask one of your body guards to hold on to your purse or your drink while you shop.

Actually, in Nottingham, England - Having countless children is a sign of wealth. It means that you have more money you can spend on nannies, personal driver, gardener, maid and etc to take care of your children and other things around the house; while you go to your daily yoga class, then hair appointment, then lunch with the ladies, then tennis lessons at the country club.

As you see, if you are loaded with cash, it's a lot easier because you can hire help - but if you are a teenage mom, going to school and working at the grocery store for the measly minimum wage? Then that is not going to cut it!

Also, the pains of giving birth? Oh man, it's excruciating!!!!!! Not to mention your "thing" will never look the same again! (Oh! can I say "thing", oppsss - should I bleep it out?)

Ok, ok - you can get epidural, fine go ahead! We all did it - Actually I begged for it! Then it was all a blur.

Now, time to take home the baby!

At home with the baby, sounds like fun eh? You think? Well - yes and no. It's fun cause you get to spend time with your baby in your familiar surroundings, but when that baby wakes up at 3AM for feeding? That is not fun at all! Yes - they do wake up every freaking 3 hours!

In the end though, having a child is definitely life changing - there are pros and cons, but once you have that baby, you can never imagine your life without him/her.

All I can say is, enjoy your teens! When you are ready to have a child, the experience is less traumatic as what I have described above. Trust me :)

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Lara Michelle Dias said...

Very interesting post. See this is why I have no kids...I can't afford them!