Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Being on Vacation

I have been in Vermont for 5 days now and I love being on vacation, visiting places and that sort of thing. My only problem is that I have very dry skin. When I say "very" dry, I really mean, like my skin is like a crocodile's skin. Ok, it's not that bad, but it's close enough.

When I am away from our beloved house that has a water softener/purifier system , my skin gets even worse due to the water they have at hotels, resorts and etc. It's been 5 days in Vermont with their hard water mixed with tons of bleach, my skin looks horrendous!!! I have patches of red, itchy, flaky dry skin all over my face and neck (yeah I know it's gross). Let's not talk about my back and my legs and arms and just basically everywhere....Grrrrrr It's like high school all over again, yikes!

If it weren't for my ever trusting Bio Oil, I would have just gone home....Oh how I miss my soft water....Sigh...Can't wait....

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