Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vermont vacation Part 2

Yesterday, we went to Lake Champlain Chocolate Plant in Burlington, VT. We participated with a mini tour of their facility and learned how they make their chocolates and all that.

Their chocolate chips actually comes from Bernard Callebaut, which is another famous chocolatier. While we were at the store/plant, they were making Chocolate Truffles. We could see those delicious little heavean sent on the conveyor belt behind a see through glass wall.
Cocoa bean

After the tour, we got to taste their milk chocolate and also a 54% cocoa dark chocolate. It was an awesome experience...Free chocolates!!! Mmmmm....

Anyhow, we picked up a couple of things as even though they are very very good, they are also very expensive!
Below are pics I took while we were there. I love the robot chocolates, they look so yummy!!!

For more information about Lake Champlain Chocolates please visit

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