Monday, May 12, 2008

Monty PM is at Bloor St. !!!!!

Ok I have good news! I called the Bloor store earlier today, and the SA told me that they have the Montorgueil PM in stock! and they have 3...yes...3 of them!!!

So anyway, I told them I will be there on saturday so I can check it out if I really like it in real life. The price between the Monty and Neverfull is not much which is really cool actually.

Also, the funny thing is that the name of the SA that I talked to is.....are you ready for this????

Her name is KARINA.... Ha ha ha

Ok, now I need your help guys.... I need your opinion on the two bags now. Which one do you like best? Please Vote on the right hand side and let me know :D

Montorgueil PM

Neverfull MM

Thanks everyone!!! I really appreciate your help!


Lara Michelle Dias said...

Omg I'm so torn! Monty is more formal and neverfull is fun. Go with what your heart tells you...and may the force be with you! :p

Chloe Tejada said...

Monty!! I know you really want that bag and how disappointed you were when you thought you couldn't get it.