Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vermont vacation Part 1

We made it to Vermont yesterday around 5:30PM. It was a nice drive, definitely one of the nicest for sure. What was really weird was, when we crossed the border, it was like ghost town. There were I think about 5 booths, give or take and they were all empty. We got through and they gave us our passports right away, except for Robin as he needs to go inside to pay.

Normally, they take all the passports and we all have to go in, but they were like, here you go.... Yeah, total opposite from the peace bridge or niagara falls border.....
I took some pics this morning quickly, but I will post more pics later....We're too lazy today...Ha ha just sitting around relaxing....Well except for Lex.. He is too pumped up and want to go swimming....He's been a bad boy all morning so we'll see if Robin will take him to the pool..:D
Here are some shots I took from the balcony of our suite. Enjoy!

Part 2 of this trip will come soon!

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Lara Michelle Dias said...

Looks gorgeous!! Have lots of fun :)