Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Frozen Real Fruit Bar made me bleed

We went to the Zoo today and after lunch we got some ice cream. Lex and Robin shared a Caramel Drumstick and I had a Strawberry Kiwi Fruit bar. Photo below.

I opened the little plastic wrapper that it came in and before I even had the chance to throw away the wrapper, I licked the bar. Yes and to my surprise my tongue didn't budge and stayed stuck. It was such a strange feeling getting your tongue stuck to something frozen. I guess it's the same idea as having your tongue stuck to a frozen pole, you know when it's winter? It's not winter right now, it's actually summer and this whole tongue stuck on something frozen happened.

I tried talking while my tongue was stuck and my friends Lara and Savio blurted "just close your mouth and eventually will come off" in unison.

I did do that and I also wiggled the Ice Bar to come off and just a few tug, my tongue was free. Now, the scary thing was that due to the tugging, my tongue actually bled! Yes, Robin saw the blood and I tasted it too...Not nice...Tasted like Iron...Ha ha ha..I looked at my tongue later on and I could see red marks on both sides of my tongue. It's been about 7 hours since that happened and my tongue is still a little sore. It feels like when you burn your tongue, kind of loss some taste buds too.

So from now on, be careful guys, I know it's only a fruit bar, but they can make you bleed!!!

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