Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer shoes part 1 - Espadrilles

The only thing I love about summer is I can finally breakout my sandals and open toe pumps. Some people might think I can outdo Imelda Marcos (If you don't know Imelda Marcos, then you don't know anything about shoes, ok you can check her info here ), but really I would say I am just a close second to her. Just kidding!

Imelda Marcos had 5,400 pairs of shoes ranging from Dior to Gucci to Chanel. I said "had" because I am not sure if she still has most of them. 778 pairs of her shoes are now in the Marikina Shoes Museum in the Philippines for your viewing pleasure, for a fee of 20 pesos (that is about 50 cents Canadian.

I love shoes as much as I love bags. Although my bag collection cannot compare to the number of pairs of shoes I have. I have gotten rid of about 25 pairs last summer and I still need to purge. The picture below is my last acquisition from my ever trusted eBay seller.

Rampage Red Espadrille

Espadrilles are really big this summer. I have a few pairs, as I wear espadrilles whether they are in season or not. This type of shoes are very comfortable due to the thick heel that gives a lot of support when walking and standing for a long time. For short ( I meant, vertically challenged) people like me, espadrilles with higher heel helps with the height problem as well.

Casual espadrilles look great with pretty much anything you wear, except with long pants that covers them, then there won't be a point of wearing them. Shorts, skirts and capri pants are best wear with these babies as you can showcase the different styles and designs.

You can wear espadrilles to summer weddings, but go for the metallic colors. Silver, gold or bronze are great choices. Go for minimal designs if your dress has a lot of designs on it and of course vice-versa. You can go with a simple beige tunic dress with a bronze with massive shiny butterfly appliques if you like. Butterflies are in right now, you will see them from Furstenberg's dresses to Chanel jewelleries.

Here are some fantastic espadrilles you can wear to weddings.

The above shoes have a snake skin pattern in shiny silver.

Hmmmm I need a wedding to go to this summer...Who wants to get married???

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