Friday, June 6, 2008

GM not budging to keep plant in the 'Shwa!

In my opinion the plant workers in the 'Shwa are just spoiled by the CAW. Come on people, this is reality, welcome to the world of normal people! Workers get fired or laid-off all the time! This is the reality of being a worker. If you lose your job, you move on and find another job. Why can't the 'Shwa GM workers do that???
Ok, I was thinking about it, if my company fires us all....I wonder if we can cause some traffic problems, not let the management go in the building and maybe throw eggs at the building (hahaha). Ok, this won't fly because we'll probably all go to jail!
Ok, so you're laid-off...Get another job and stop whining! I think this is blessing in disguise for those workers anyway. They need to find another job somewhere else in order to expand their work experience and not just having to mount a bolt onto a tire while watching a movie as an experience for the rest of their lives. (ok, someone actually told me that this is what they do while working, so I am not making this up)

I think that the reason why they are fighting for their jobs is because they can't do anything else other than what they are used to. These 'Shwa workers might be scared to find a more challenging job or they just afraid of change. We're all afraid of change, but maybe they should take this a as a challenge and like I said, blessing in disguise.

What do you think of this whole circus going on at the GM 'Shwa plant? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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