Monday, June 2, 2008

Improve Your Life Every Day of the Week

Mondays are GREAT! Why? Because it’s your first chance of the week to improve your health and your relationship! So, here’s what you can do, starting Monday and throughout the week, to improve things, courtesy of Rodale Publications.

On Monday:
Clear the air, ladies. According to researchers at Boston University, women who keep tension corked are more likely to die of heart disease. So if something’s bothering you, talk to the person or people involved. Guys, if you think your lovely lady is percolating about something, find out what’s on her mind. However, don’t just ask, “What’s wrong?” Your best chance of coaxing it out of her is to say, “You seem upset” in a non-accusatory way. She’ll have a harder time saying she’s fine.

On Tuesday:
Stretch like a cat. It’s like hitting the reset button when you roll out of bed! According to researchers at Wayne State University, stretching improves posture, promotes blood flow and relieves body tension.

On Wednesday:
Call your sweetie for a heated discussion. If relationship stress is lingering, discuss the sticky situation over the phone. This reduces tension, because eye-rolling and headshaking won’t work against you – since they won’t be seen. These gestures are what drive a relationship into the ground.

On Thursday:
Pop some chocolate! Milk chocolate has been shown to boost verbal and visual memory. So you’ll stay sharp and focused for that final lunge toward the weekend.

On Friday:
Pretend it’s your first date! A study from the University of British Columbia shows that partners feel better about themselves when meeting their mates as if they were total strangers – because we act as if they don’t know our flaws yet! This makes for more fun and more romantic dates.


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