Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Real estate: Where to buy now

Real estate agents like to tell you that what matters is location, location, location. They're partly right. But what also matters is timing, timing, timing. Every city moves to its own economic rhythms. Smart real estate investing is a matter of knowing when to jump into the market and when to stay out.How do you know when the time is ripe? Rather than relying upon gut feel, we decided to take a more scientific approach to the question. We compiled data on the 35 major markets tracked by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. We analyzed each market in three different ways — by Value, by Momentum, and by Economic Strength. We assigned each market a letter grade in each of the three categories, then combined all that info into one overall grade. We awarded an A to the top 20% of cities. Average prospects had to make do with a B, while lacklustre prospects were handed a C or worse.

Let's go shopping for real estate!

Source: Yahoo.com

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