Friday, June 6, 2008

My sweet cousin Cherish is engaged!!!

I have been wanting to post about my cousin Cherish's engagement, but I have been waiting for pics and I finally got them last night.

Let me describe my cousin Cherish.

C - aring (I think she should have been a nurse)
H- onest (well to me anyway, she tells me everything!!! I think...)
E- nviably pretty (Yes! we Claridads are always enviable...:P)
R- omantic (hopelessly btw :D)
I- nlove with Chris (Awwww. My baby cousin is getting married...Yay)
S- weet (holy crap, not just sweet, she's super duper to the infinity sweet!)
H- ardworker (who works full time and does her Masters at the same time)

Ok, that is just some of her qualities of course. I am not gonna go through the other not so nice qualities, like she cries all the time, very emotional, and etc...Ha ha ha just kidding...

Ok, let's talk about Chris! Hmmmm ok, I have never met Chris yet, but I will soon in July! As far as I know he is very sweet as well, that when Cherish was sick that he brought her chicken soup and stuff like that.....Awwww. Oh Chris works for Telus! Chris you let me know, I have a friend who works at Telus, he's a manager there....I can ask for his help when you move here... :P

Also, Chris is a techie so that's good! We need him to fix Cherish's PC so Robin and I won't have to go over to their house to re-format their HD because we couldn't fix it as it's full of virus. It 's not really Cherish's fault, it's mainly her sister that downloads all that stuff...Ha ha ha sorry Frin... Love you...

Anyway, here are some of the pics they took a week ago when Cherish went to see Chris in Vancouver. I just noticed that their names is CH and CH...Wow, that is insane!

Love you guys!!!


Lara Michelle Dias said...

awww they are sooo cute together!!!

Ann said...

awww <3 cute cute... :) yes, Cherish definitely is the sweetest thing! [must run in the family, huh ate?] LOL...

Ann said...

btw.. this is your cousin ANN :) lol.. incase you didn't figure that out haha.. miss you guys!

wacks said...

hala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fidel here,
hmmmmm,.malamang kapag nagkita tayo ulit my anak kna..basta gusto ko ninong ako.hahahahaha!!!
good luck and GOD Bless!