Friday, June 6, 2008

Waitress loses job after shaving head for cancer charity.



Yes, it's true. Go read the article here first.

Did you read it yet? If not, go read it first, then come back.... :D

Ok here's my rant, I think that it's discriminatory that because she is now bald, that she had to lose her job. There are bald men working at restaurants all the time, so what is wrong with bald women?

Besides that, the waitress did it for a good cause, for cancer research! THE HAIR WILL GROW BACK!!! I really hate it when people make idiotic decisions. Now, the owner of the restaurant will lose a lot of customers due to this. He should have thought about the consequences of firing this woman. Well, I guess good luck to your business! Hey, who cares, it's not my business...:D

Ohhh You guys remember Demi Moore.

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